F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

If you dont find an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

Q: Will you reconvert my uploaded video?
A: NO! Your Video will ramain with all settings of your choice! We do not modify or reconvert the uploaded video
Q: Which Video formats are supported
A: You can upload DivX, DivX PLUS (mkv), h.264, wmv, mov Video files.
Q: Can i download a video?
A: YES! Premium Accounts may download all hosted videos, where the creator allowed this. All downloadable videos have a download button below the video player.
Q: How can i view the videos in real fullscreen mode?
A: If you dont like our popout player, right click the video and select "FULLSCREEN". Also you can use your Browsers fullscreen feature (F11) to view the popout player in fullscreen mode.
Q: I have submitted a video and its not online anymore, why?
A: Check our video guidlines. Please contact us for further details.
Q: Someone already added my Video(s) can you move them to my account?
A: We are a video sharing community, we can work together with you to setup a high quality profile page! Please Contact us for further details.
Q: My video is on your site and i want it removed.
A: If its hosted somewhere else, make sure to disable embedding of your content so this wont happen again. If someone uploaded it without permission, fill out this abuse report form. Anyhow, tell us about this.