Throughout the metal pressing task is a type of technique through which a fine piece of metal items is given many model by the ways of pressing it by a large amount of shanghai bronze casting either by manual or by the help of a suitable pressing equipment. This operations to make appropriate design in several structure and dimensions are constructed by the metal stamping vendors who obtain the assistance of the compulsory die in shearing the metal that is further pressed into the desired form. This process is found to be affordable and the final item obtained is much harder than the different techniques of cutting and molding metals to get the finished item. In a related fashion, metal stamping procedures is a operations in which a fine metal piece is initially adjusted in a die from a sizable metal piece, in the shape to be designed. Further a very cheap technique of the metal stamping can be fulfilled by implementing a lot of thin metal sheets to produce a large figure of brass animal statue in a very short degree of instant. It can be useful to talk about here that the stamping process of thin metal sheets is believed to play a essential function in steel stamping which can be accomplished on various sorts of stamping materials like iron alloy and also the most commonly used item i.e. stainless steel. Just like the stainless steel stamping procedures method, an alternative variety of stamping i.e applied in the production of many sorts of motor engines, motors and other helpful machinery used in our day to day life is done uniquely with the assistance of aluminum stamping. Additional this aluminum stamping process is normally used in the construction of cast aluminium statue which are of high toughness, strength and delicate in mass when compared to the additional ferrous metal stuffs. Some thin metal stamping producers use this system on brass, steel alloy, copper and any other varieties of metal to outline the essential shape and size.This course of manufacturing is broadly used in the sector of manufacturing of machine applied in aerospace recognized by the name of aerospace stamping and also auto parts stamping to produce automobile utensils. Additionally to the above another ways is known as as deep drawn stamping and pressing. Finally we are able to conclude that the stamping and pressing process is extensively applied by nearly all the producers due to its return like being incredibly effectual as well as cheap which could be very undoubtedly used for bulk construction.