If you are someone who enjoys a macho appeal in things you do, Dodge cars should be a perfect partner for you. Dodge offers a fantastic line-up of trendy sports utility vehicles (SUV) which are tough enough to provide a great driving experience on any kind of terrain. They are powerful and perform exceedingly well which makes them one of the highly sought vehicles in the used car market as well. However, as a buyer, you need to be a little cautious and look for reliable dealers of these magnificent vehicles.
Most Popular Used Dodge Cars
If you are impressed with the stunning performance and look of Dodge cars, and intend to purchase one in Maryland, there are certain popular vehicles that you might want to have a look at. The Dodge Ram, Dodge pickups and Dodge Challenger are some of the top selling cars in the market today.
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Dodge Ram
This is one of the most popular truck models from the Dodge Company, sold beneath the Ram brand since 2010. These are manufactured by the Chrysler Group LLC and sold as a separate brand as Ram Trucks and not as Dodge in the United States and Canada. But now they come with the Dodge logo both on the outside and inside as well. The Ram trucks have been thrice awarded the Truck of the Year title thrice by the Motor Trend magazine.
Dodge Pickups
The Dodge pick-ups and some light truck models were introduced in the year 1924 by the company, just when it was established. Thought they were initially designed like the passenger cars, later on, they were given their own chassis and body design. And they are popular even today.
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Dodge Challenger
Dodge challenger is the name given to 3 generations of vehicles marketed by the Dodge section of the Chrysler Group LLC. This is one of the top selling vehicles in US today. In 2008, its third generation pony car was launched which is a two-door muscle coupe that feels a little more retro than its competitors and shares some common design elements with 1st generation Dodge Challenger
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